Monday, January 21, 2008

Ready, set, shuffle!

My iPod gets me through most days. When I need a little distraction from boring household chores or rush-hour traffic or dull stretches of time at work, I just hit Shuffle, and boom! Instant entertainment. Though my iPod likes to torture me with long strings of sloooow ballads sometimes, it's usually eerily spot-on in matching my mood and accurately predicting which songs I want to hear.

Now it's time for a confession, so hit Shuffle, and then post the first five songs that come up. Think of it as a music swap. And no cheating!

Here's mine:
Blue - Symposium
I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters
Black Country Woman - Led Zeppelin
Say You Miss Me - Wilco
Let the Good Times Roll - B.B. King

Your turn!

1 comment:

Louisiana Belle said...

1. Put Your Lights On - Santana
2. Picture - Mute Math
3. Leave Me Alone - Jerry Cantrell
4. Doll Parts - Hole
5. Used To - Daugtry (yuck!)

I have had mine on shuffle all day at work. We're extremely slow because of the holiday. I was thinking about doing a post on "most played". This is a good one to do too.