Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Our friends N&J came over to the house last night, and even though I was bone-weary from shepherding new hires through orientation, I found their visit completely, unexpectedly exhilarating. I'd forgotten how fun it is to share -- ideas, good food, passions, ideologies, thoughts, plans, drinks, conversation, stories, recommendations. They're passionate, opinionated people with intriguing ideas and the capacity for boundless enthusiasm, and when all those qualities magically coalesce at the right time and in the right place, you have yourself a great fucking evening. I'm so grateful for nights like last night, when everyone leaves smiling and filled to the brim with positive energy. It's invigorating, and it makes me wistful for lapsed friendships and missed opportunities. We parted on the promises of a fall visit to Portland and a regular email exchange of recipes and book recommendations. (I've already made peace with my total nerdliness, so no need to comment.) Man, the stress of the last couple weeks was really getting me down, but there's no denying the restorative power of good company. Thanks, N&J!

In related news, it looks as though I have my major travel plans set for the next 12 months. Between this upcoming trip to Portland (in which I'll get to see the crazy awesome MATT! again), next May's trek to Florida to be one of Carley's bridesmaids, and the possibility of joining El on her cross-country adventure next summer, I'm feeling truly fortunate.

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Louisiana Belle said...

Wowza! I came here to see what's going on with you because I'm too tired to pick up the phone, and sheesh you've got a lot going on suddenly. Sounds like you had quite the visit with your friends last night, too. That's great to hear.

Are we going to be able to fit in a lunch or dinner soon? You know after Seven Days of Wayne, I have been totally deprived of mental stimulation. And I'm ready to go on another photoshoot as well.