Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am me

I am not "Sheila Adams," Identity Thief. "Sheila Adams" was cunning enough to steal my checking account number and driver's license number and manufacture his/her own checks with allll my personal information printed on them. I am not that enterprising. I am also not a stupid, petty thief who uses a shiny new checking account to write two checks for amounts under $100. Come on, "Sheila." Really? What kind of thief are you, anyway? Not that I'm ungrateful for your lack of thieving prowess, but still. Kinda lame, dontcha think?

So yeah, my identity was stolen, which is so rampant nowadays that I'm not even shocked, just annoyed. Luckily for me, the damage was minimal, and I'll get my money back. I'm very, very thankful for that. Some people aren't so lucky. It just makes me sick that this kind of thing is so prevalent. It's happened to quite a few people I know by now, and it doesn't give me much hope for humanity. This confirms it: people pretty much suck.

Except you. You're nice.

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Louisiana Belle said...

I know how you feel as this has happened to me. Your thief was not as greedy as some, though. You were very fortunate.

One good thing that came from your experience, is that Mimi will now be using her AMEX card instead of her debit card. This latest episode finally convinced her. So, um, thanks?