Monday, July 7, 2008

Party observations

I have 15 mosquito bites on my feet. I don't have mosquito bites anywhere but my feet. This perplexes me.

Raw chicken sitting in the sink for almost 24 hours will produce a most unpleasant odor.

When one hosts one's family, one should not expect to step in blue gum the next morning.

Good friends will talk to your drunk, hopelessly lost brother for 20 minutes to guide him back to your house.

Sometimes, the quiet, conservative one will surprise you by smoking the hookah.

Good music unites. Drunk freestyle rap divides.

Fresh dog shit will end a game of frisbee in a hurry.


Louisiana Belle said...

That was some funny stuff.

DD got sick from the hookah. He's better now, though. Even HE couldn't believe he did that. I guess even a straight arrow wants to fit in sometimes.

My feet have been itching all day! Are our feet attractive to mosquitoes? I'm glad you said something because I thought we had fleas at home, which would explain bites on the feet.

Overall, I thought the evening was a success and we had a lot of fun. Sorry about the gum and that Jay had to sober up to give my wayward son driving directions. *sigh*

Louisiana Belle said...

I just remembered! Sparky was chewing on HIS feet all night last night!