Wednesday, August 20, 2008



This post from Steamy Kitchen perfectly captures how divisive this fruit is (make sure you read all the comments to get the full picture). I find the subject of durian so fascinating, having never tried it. Descriptions of its odor and flavor are so varied, you can't picture what it would be like to experience the fruit for yourself. But I kinda have to try it now, even if it's as disgusting as some people claim.

This is a fruit that has actually been banned from some hotels and public transportation in Asia. Its smell can be detected up to half a mile away. People have compared it to Limburger cheese, rotting onions, sweaty gym socks, and garlicky custard. Some find it sweet; others find it unbearably pungent and impossible to divorce from its smell, no matter what it tastes like.

I think some of the variance in people's opinion stems from the different varieties of the fruit, as well as its degree of ripeness, so it's difficult to compare it to something like an orange, which has a fairly universal flavor. Also, some people are really put off by certain textures, and durian, which is kind of creamy (custardy; cheesy), would disgust a lot of folks. Still, I have to try it for myself. I'm endlessly fascinated by controversial or exotic foods.

Watch Anthony Bourdain eat durian, actually uttering the phrase "French kissing your dead grandmother" in reference to the smell. Yowza.

Guess I have to travel back to Asia now. Darn.


Louisiana Belle said...

You always amaze me. You are the same child that refused 99% of food placed in front of you, right? LOL

I already know that I could not get past the noxious order of the Durian. I'll just let you experiment and tell me what it's like. Just watching the video had my gag reflexes gearing up.

Louisiana Belle said...

Um, that should have been ODOR, not order.