Monday, August 25, 2008

Off to Portland

Well, we're off tomorrow morning, and I already miss Callie. Damn that dog's cuteness! I didn't realize how pathetically attached I am to her until this afternoon when my mom picked her up. As soon as she left, I started missing her. Now everything I do makes me think of her. Every time I open the door, I expect to see her there. When I got ice from the freezer, I automatically moved to save her a piece. I missed feeding her bits of my food at dinner. And every single time I sit on the couch, I miss her shape sitting next to me. Stupid cute awesome dog. She's so entangled in my every movement, I don't know what to do without her. I'm useless. Good thing I have a week-long trip to distract me from missing her.

In other news, I'm very excited about Portland. There is much beer to be consumed and natural beauty in which to revel. Pictures and stories to come!


Louisiana Belle said...

Callie is doing well. Tomorrow she is getting brushed with the Furminator! Chance got brushed tonight and I filled up 1/4 of a trash bag with his fur and I could have kept going, but he was getting restless.

She had a little excitement this morning when I decided to launch a glass from the top of the stairs. It went hurling through the air like a missile and scared the crap out of her. It's my blog post called "My Morning".

Hope you're having a great time. The weather sounds absolutely amazing. Looks like we may be meeting Gustov on Sunday, heh. Well, we may not be going to Louisiana after all if there's a hurricane. :(

Louisiana Belle said...

Oh, and please tell Matt hello from us. Especially Double D.

Louisiana Belle said...

That's "from" Double D.

Mickey Schufman said...

I hope you have a fabulous time in Portland. I was only there once, for an APDT conference (dog trainers) but I absolutely fell in love with the city. If I had to move - I would absolutely consider it! Great town!!!!

Louisiana Belle said...

When are you going to blog about your trip? You have a ton of pics to talk about :)