Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Geez, it's been a while since I've posted. Guess I'm not feeling too inspired these days. Plus, I had to travel to Boston for work, which was...interesting. It's not every day you see middle-aged career women acting like 16-year-olds one drink away from flashing a Girls Gone Wild camera. You won't ever find me spilling details about work on here -- for many reasons -- but if I did? Oh, I'd have stories.

Other than that, I'm just trying to keep my head up. I'm being pulled in too many directions at work, feeling a bit drained, and trying to minimize the time I spend on the computer at home. It might be slim pickin's around here until my energy returns. But rest assured, when I get this baby in December, I'm going to be posting a lot more. Oh, MacBook. You've stolen my heart (and my future earnings...damn you!).

Photos from the Dallas Arboretum will be going up on my Flickr page in the next couple of days. I actually caught a butterfly in flight with my inexpensive hand-me-down point and shoot, so I'm happy!

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Louisiana Belle said...

I'm so excited about your MacBook! I guess that means a SLR camera has slid to 2nd place. Ah well, you're doing amazing things with your P&S. Can't wait to see your butterfly pic from Sunday.