Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday music recommendation #12

I can't believe I haven't recommended this band before, but I checked, and nope -- no How I Became the Bomb anywhere in my archives. How can that be?

See, my dear friend Adam is in this band. And he's delightful. Delightful and very, very talented. The fact that he's combined forces with four other delightful, talented guys to create fun, eccentric, witty music just makes the world a better place, I think. They have quite the following in Nashville (their first EP, Let's Go!, did really well at the independent record stores there), and from what I understand, they put on a hell of a live show (sometimes with costumes! Sadly, I have yet to experience them live. Damn geography). I fully expect to see them headlining a major music festival some day. They're pretty awesome.

Enough preamble -- on with the music! Here are a few selections.

My current favorite: "Tomorrow's Date"

"Secret Identity"

"Bar Song"

"Salvage Mission"


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Adam said...

You are the nicest ever.