Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week in review

14/365: Widmer
This week was pretty crappy, what with the constant, oppressive rain and the tire that disintegrated while I was on the highway and the onslaught of deadlines at work. It wasn't all bad in the balance, though. Here's what brought me a little joy this week:

--Making exciting travel plans that shall remain a secret until I've returned
--The new TV, which continues to dazzle
--The fact that I managed to stay in a pretty good mood all week despite getting dumped on for the majority of it
--Impromptu Gloria's with my mom and stepdad
--Jay getting Callie's infinite dorkiness on video
--Archer Farms chicken sausage lasagna (with walnut pesto cream sauce...oh man)
--An unexpected Skype concert with Portland friends; man, can Jason sing!
--Playing the viola again, even though I was so nervous I couldn't stop shaking
--The first part of Battlestar Galactica's two-part finale. Chills!
--Finding out that Twisted Root is now open and immediately heading there for lunch
--Hosting the little sibs and indulging in Rock Band, pizza, and Bubba Ho-tep

In other (boring) news, I'm really hoping to get back into a regular exercise schedule this week; I've discovered that I don't adhere to my plan very well when I'm stressed out and overworked. But I have faith! Somewhere deep down, I'm determined. I can do this!

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