Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things you should know about me

Autumn essentials, for those not in the know (fortunate souls!):

  1. I love photographing my food.
  2. My hair always smells good. Like, always. Ask anyone.
  3. I'm obsessed with Led Zeppelin. If they ever come to the US, no matter where, I will have tickets the second they go on sale.
  4. If I could live out most of my life on a couch watching movies, listening to music, and reading or writing, I totally would.
  5. I taught myself to like coffee this year. I'm weirdly proud of that.
  6. The second I have enough money, I'm opening my own business. And it will be glorious.
  7. One of my only regrets is giving up on playing the viola. If I could go back in time, I would devote more time to practicing so I could join a symphony or even just play in a small ensemble part-time. I miss the feeling of my fingers pressing into the strings. I miss playing music.
  8. I sing at the top of my lungs in my car, and I never care if I look silly. There's a lot of head-nodding, lip-biting, air-drumming dorkiness in my car. Oh yes.
  9. I'm usually worried about something. It's a sickness.
  10. I'm an evening person. I love the hours of 7pm-11pm most of all. What I don't love is the morning. Call me before 10 on a weekend and I will most likely growl at you.
  11. I watch entirely too much TV, but I wouldn't give most of it up. TV is good now – it's just a fact that pretentious people need to accept.
  12. The 3:15 mark of “Space Captain” by Joe Cocker will never not be funny to me.
  13. Silly things make me laugh. Farts still crack me up, and who doesn't think the word “poo” is hilarious?
  14. There are 500 movies on my Netflix queue. They won't let me add any more.
  15. Lists soothe me. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed, I sit down and make lists. Shopping lists. Life lists. To-do lists. Wish lists. I rarely complete all the items on a given list, but that's never the point. Making them is the point.

So there. I started a blog. Are you all happy now?


Louisiana Belle said...

**does the happy dance**
The blog is brilliant. I love the way you analyze yourself and the things around you. Love the blog header; it suits you perfectly. Can't wait to see more. I miss all your writings from high school and college. This is going to be great!

DarkWolf said...

I'm making it my mission to right #7. Just so you know. :)