Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Surprised, elated...partied out

I wanted a low-key birthday/new year. Man, am I glad I didn't get what I wanted.

It all started a few weeks before the holidays, when my friend Matt told me he'd be taking care of my birthday festivities. No details, of course - I was told to trust him, and that was that. As the day approached, I got a bit nervous about it, having witnessed a few of Matt's crazy schemes in the past. I had no idea what to expect - I didn't know if I'd be able to see any of my other family and friends, where we were going, what to wear, even what time everything was going to get started. The day of my birthday, I still didn't know any details, and I was still anxious. Matt picked me up that evening and still wouldn't tell me anything.

Wanna guess where we ended up? I sure couldn't.

On the pretense of seeing my dad so he could give me my birthday present, I walked into an apartment absolutely packed with seemingly everyone I've known in my entire life. Family, old friends, new friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and people I hadn't seen in five years or more. There were probably 30 people in that room. Surprised? I don't think surprised covers it. I was stunned, overwhelmed, thrilled, smiling so hard and for so long that my cheeks ached. And then we had the best time - everyone was happy, relaxed, having fun. It was brilliant, and I love everyone for being a part of it. I can't adequately describe how it makes me feel to have such wonderful people in my life. I started out feeling kind of blah about my birthday, and ended up feeling like the luckiest person in this or any universe.

Best birthday EVER. And probably the best party I've ever been to. I'm eternally grateful for those memories.

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DarkWolf said...

I had my suspicions about what was going on. Sketchy info though it was. But even I was shocked when I arrived a few minutes before you, and saw all the people there.

Definitely one to remember!