Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

26...I'm officially over the hump and veering into my late twenties! I'd better start doing some memorable things, or else I'll have no good stories about my craaaazy youth!

I got some beautiful flowers this morning from my best friend, who's in London by way of Hong Kong for the holidays. My mom called me at the exact minute I was born, at 7:46 in the morning. (Thanks, mom!) And so far today, I've had three "Happy Birthday"s sung to me. I wasn't feeling particularly excited about my birthday this year -- or much of anything, really -- but I've been smiling since I woke up thanks to all the lovely people in my life. I love you guys!


Louisiana Belle said...

Still trying to recover from your par-TAY last night. Man! That was off the hook. Everyone was having such a great time. What a way to bring in 2008. Family, friends, drink, games. Good times. Michael, Hannah, Chris and Jackie were safely deposited at home around 3AM. They were having a very merry time in the back seat. :) We have the best family. I love you.

Shama Hyder said...

So cool to see you have a blog! I always find myself to be the lone-blogger.

DarkWolf said...

Happy birthday! Well, 2 days out now, but I was the first to actually say it on your birthday. I can live with that :)