Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What the hell?

Winds fuel fires, cut power in Dallas-Fort Worth

The wind actually wrenched a drainpipe from my apartment building and sent it skidding across the parking lot toward my car. Reminds me of Memphis, summer of 2003, when a windstorm uprooted centuries-old oak trees from my college campus and wiped out power for weeks. Weeks. In the sweltering heat of July.

I hate you, wind! Go haunt Canada or something. At least they're hardy enough to stand it.

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Louisiana Belle said...

Wow. I hope it missed your car.

My neighbor across the alley lost 1/4 of his tree today. It fell on his fence, knocking it into the driveway. Another neighbor behind us lost his fence and his dog was running around loose. Poor dog. See, that's why I would never leave my dogs outside for any length of time. The elements here in Texas are too damn brutal.