Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy busy

We survived the hell of moving! (Just barely.) After a week, I'm finally feeling settled in the new house, and we're keeping busy fixing its little quirks and design eccentricities, not to mention unpacking the seemingly neverending stacks of boxes. I'm not going to move again for a looooong time, that's for damn sure. Where's a magic wand or some fairy godmothers when you need 'em?

On Wednesday, my mom and I leave for Louisiana, and I think some good company and delicious Cajun food will be exactly what I need after these last few difficult weeks. As for today? A Guinness and an Irish coffee will be the perfect reward for making it through a Monday. That, and a new episode of How I Met Your Mother. Oh, yes.

For dinner tonight: spiced green lentil soup with coconut milk; colcannon in honor of St. Patrick's Day; maybe some Ethiopian-spiced split peas using the berbere that I made this weekend. It's the typical Monday night mash-up at NJ's!

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