Sunday, June 1, 2008


To the lady gardening at 8pm on a Sunday: if you're going to bend over like that, maybe next time you should rethink wearing the see-through thong under your mom jeans. Mmmkay?

There's a car parked on my walking route that has "I [Heart] U" painted on the inside of the driver's window. Every time I pass by, I simultaneously fight the urge to retch and feel a little pang of loneliness.

I sunburned my knees today.

I keep missing the Old 97's when they come through Dallas. It bums me out.

However, next Saturday, I'm going to see Zoso: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin. That more than makes up for missing the Old 97's. Sorry, Old 97's, but Zeppelin wins every time.

The fabulous (newly engaged!) Carley will be bringing her charm, wit, and smartass sense of humor to Dallas this week. And I get an excuse to be all kinds of girly with her. Score!

My brain age is 24. Suck it, other nerds!

The Lost finale last week blew my mind 18 separate times.

We sold all our Bonnaroo tickets. I'm glad we sold them, and I'm happy to get some money back, but I'm still a little upset at the way things turned out. It would have been a fantastic trip.

Jay and I roasted coffee last weekend. From green coffee beans. On the stovetop. And we kicked ass.

I mowed the lawn last weekend, and I neither passed out nor hurled. In fact, I did a pretty damn good job. This shouldn't be newsworthy, but for my out of shape ass, it was a major accomplishment. Even though it's eleventy million degrees outside, I vow to get back in shape this summer. Who's with me?

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Louisiana Belle said...

Well, I know this is not really bragging, but I got my brain age down (up?) to 43 - from 72! Yay me!