Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life isn't half bad

Oh, don't you just love days where you're inexplicably buoyed by unseen forces and everything brings a smile to your face? I'm having one of those days today. Everything is making me happy. My car is shiny. I got to eat the most excellent Thai red curry and steamed dumplings from my favorite Asian restaurant. I'm knee deep in the best real-life love story I've read in a really long, long time, which is making my knees weak. The work day is half over. And my iPod is playing the best sequence of songs right now. You wouldn't think such small things could add up to perfect contentment, but you'd be wrong.

Other things making me happy:
--The thought of being in Portland a month from today
--My new red bamboo salad bowl

--The excellent salad we made last night in said bowl
--My new printer/scanner/copier
--Plans I'm devising in my head for dinner tonight
--The promise of an awesome family get-together, complete with tamales, in just 3 days
--The lingering memory of that pink Prosecco I had weeks ago
--Unstoppable creativity

All in all, I'm feeling pretty charmed.


DarkWolf said...

You are so very.


Louisiana Belle said...

What a lovely post. Made me think twice about all my bitching and moaning on my blog. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Looking forward to our get-together Saturday night!