Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday music recommendation #9

I grew up listening to classic rock. Both my parents are music fanatics who were lucky enough to grow up during the '60s and '70s, the golden age of rock music, and the bands they listened to -- bands like Zeppelin, Cream, the Allman Brothers, The Who, Pink Floyd -- are bands I listen to, and love, today. So imagine my excitement when my brother introduced me to a band that sounds exactly like the best bands of the '70s. And then imagine my glee when I discovered that Robert Plant is a fan of this band (other fans? ZZ Top, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, and Metallica).

Enough preamble: if you aren't listening to The Black Keys already, now's your chance. I swear, this music is straight out of 1975, and I mean that in the best possible way. How two dudes from Akron, Ohio can channel such an authentic blues-rock sound three decades later is a happy mystery. Magic Potion and Thickfreakness are my favorites of their five studio albums so far, but I have a lot of listening ahead of me before I name a definitive favorite. Oh man, and you can tell they would put on such a kick-ass live show; I can't wait to see them in September.

Ok, I'm gushing here, but I am so smitten with this music. Check it out:

"Just Got to Be"

"Your Touch"

(Here's the same song, this time performed at the hands-down best record store in Nashville, Grimey's.)

"Stack Shot Billy"

"Strange Times"

"Set You Free"

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Louisiana Belle said...

Incredible. They sound like nearly every band I remember from that era. Listening to the vids just now I was reminded mostly of Bad Company and Cream. Although I moved past "classic rock" (formerly HARD rock :/) to alternative, I really do like this "new" band with the classic rock sound. You have the familiar vibe of the 70s with all new lyrics. That's really very cool!