Thursday, August 7, 2008

Roach update / I'm weird

Update on the roach situation: they were definitely coming from the pipes. I started closing off the drain every time I got out of the shower, and since then, I haven't seen a single roach in my bathtub. It's the only solution that's helped me regain a little peace of mind. Now when I'm ready to take a shower, I just run a little water and take the drain plug out, and if there are any roaches lurking in the drain pipe, they'll be washed down with the water. A little annoying, sure, but effective. And worth it.

Here's how weird I am, though: I've started wondering what the roaches are thinking/feeling. I keep imagining a little phalanx of roaches marching through the pipes, sending out scouts to look for a way out. And then I imagine one getting to the top, only to be bitterly disappointed by the barrier separating it from sweet freedom. And then I start to feel bad for the roach. Then I slap myself silly and remember how much I hate roaches, and remind myself that they're not sentient beings capable of feeling disappointment. Then I wonder if I'm normal.

Probably not. Oh well. At least I don't have a roach problem anymore.


Louisiana Belle said...

You crack me up. Occasionally, we have baby spiders that appear at the bathroom sink drain. I always feel guilty as I'm drowning them and also thinking how disappointed Ghandi would be in me.

I used to feel bad stepping on grass, wondering if I was hurting the blades. Is that weird?

If I were you, I would make sure every orifice in the house was plugged just to be sure. Maybe they'll get the message and "bug" someone else.

Lisa said...

Normal is a relative thing. I think it's also overrated. Personally, I'm not really worried about you!