Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is and what should never be

Led Zeppelin may tour without Robert Plant

Noooo! Robert Plant, what's your deal? Can't hack it vocally anymore? Physically? Do you hate your legion of fans? Have you turned your back on Led Zeppelin to focus on your folk thing with Alison Kraus? As O2 proved, you still have the chops, though obviously slightly diminished by age. So what IS IT?

If this turns into Led Zeppelin + [insert name here], I'll never forgive you.

I'm going to go throw a tantrum somewhere. I was so born in the wrong era. Not fair!

1 comment:

Louisiana Belle said...

Clever title!

Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant is like a camera with no flash or trying to play a tennis match with no racket. Doesn't work as well, or at all.