Monday, October 27, 2008

Spenser Dixon, 1999-2008

Spenser, you will be missed. You were Callie's favorite playmate and the most energetic, joyful 9-year-old dog I've ever seen -- a puppy 'til the very end. You were more than a handful, but that's only because you were overflowing with love and excitement, more than you could possibly contain. You were a goofball and a spaz, a lovable beast, and a perfect gentleman to your canine brothers and sisters. You may not have been gentle, but you had a gentle spirit, and our lives won't be the same without your infectious energy brightening every room.

Rest in peace, buddy.

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Louisiana Belle said...

What a lovely tribute to Spenser, aka "the beast". He was a beast only in the sense that he was so huge, but his "inner dog" was truly that of a cuddly puppy that tried desperately to sit on your lap to show his love. And oh how he loved the humans. I will miss him more than I ever thought possible. Thank you for being there for us.