Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tonight, we made Tahini Lemon Rice and Beans. And oh, was it ever divine. I made only a couple of modifications -- left out the seitan, added a teaspoon or so of Sriracha for heat and a couple chopped sun-dried tomatoes -- and it was the easiest, tastiest home-cooked meal I've had in weeks. I want to put that tahini-lemon sauce on everything now!

For anyone playing along at home, this is a fantastic way to get in your greens, whole grains/fiber, and protein while still swooning over your food. (Trust me, it's really that good). So glad I started cooking regularly again!

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Louisiana Belle said...

Wish I liked lemon. Ever since I got sick on lemon cookies as a kid, I've barely been able to tolerate the flavor.

Seitan and sriracha? I need a food dictionary!

Glad you found a recipe you love and that's so healthy. Keep up the good work.