Sunday, March 1, 2009

The week in review

1/365: Mecca
Pretty much every Sunday, I spend half the day dreading the upcoming work week instead of actually enjoying what's left of the weekend. It sucks. So I've decided to start making a list of all the bright spots in my week -- whatever's sparked a little joy in the midst of the drudgery. Here's what was cool about my week:

--Getting to spend time with my little sister on her 11th birthday and thinking how strange and wonderful it is that I got to see her take her first breath
--This recipe for chicken braised in Scotch and Major Grey chutney. Words fail.
--The Beaucoup Berries chocolate bar from Dagoba, one small, perfect bite at a time
--My new phone! It's made of awesome.
--Starting a new photography project that will serve as a chronicle of all the days before I move and (I hope) make them more memorable. I savor any chance to live more consciously, to be more present and aware. This is one way to do that.
--Spending quality time with my amazing mom; we always have so much fun together
--Realizing how cool it is that we've started a tradition based on $3 margaritas
--Seeing Slumdog Millionaire for the first time and not being disappointed despite all the hype
--Making plans to take a photography trip next weekend
--Sprawling out by a fire on a cold night, drinking in Dvorak and Berlioz and Holst and feeling my whole body expand with the beauty of it
--Pomegranate saketinis (an idea that came to me early in the week) in my beloved green martini glasses
--A certain upcoming visit from certain Portlanders being confirmed (with certainty) :)

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Louisiana Belle said...

What a great idea to recall good things that happened throughout the week. You are the amazing one - always trying to be positive and light. I love that about you.

The $3 margarita is a truly wonderful thing and rightly deserved a place on the list.

What are these green martini glasses of which you speak? I don't think I've ever seen those.

You're off to a good start with the picture a day thing. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Looking forward to our trip on Saturday! The place we're going sounds amazing!