Sunday, March 8, 2009

The week in review

This week, I thought it'd be more difficult to come up with a list of good things; in the balance, the week felt like a decidedly shitty one. But when I started looking back, I realized that there were some great moments in there that made me smile. Here they are:

--The first signs of spring, my favorite season -- the season for airy sunlit walks, gentle breezes (please, Texas?), and sweet smells (I can't wait to breathe in the honeysuckle again!)
--Irish coffee and the best. brownies. ever. (thank you, Dorie Greenspan!)
--Discovering that Twisted Root burgers will soon be a mere 10 minutes away from me
--Getting yet another chance to see my little brother play the cello (his vibrato is awesome)
--Having a long conversation full of giggles with my best friend El, still the only person I can be 100% honest with
--After five weeks or so without a TV, finding out that we'll soon be getting a new one for free. Did I mention that said TV will be twice the size of the old one?
--Coming up with ridiculously funny ideas with Jay and Jason (that are probably only funny to us, come to think of it)
--Getting out of town for a day to take photos at Possum Kingdom Lake/State Park. We saw white-tailed deer darting, a frightened armadillo fleeing, a flock of turkeys rustling their way into the trees, dozens of beautiful hawks braving the strong winds, and a herd of cows lounging by the shore. Even though it was windy and cloudy, I can't think of a place I'd rather have been. Drinking Pinot Noir by the shore of the lake at sunset with awesome company more than made up for any work-related assiness this week.
--Satisfying a sudden urge for gelato by ordering a cup of Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel (aka Best Gelato Flavor Ever Devised) at Paciugo

See? Not bad at all!

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